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Christmas Sponsorship


We know that 2020 hasn't been easy for anyone! This is definitely true in Honduras where the country has been on government-ordered lockdown since March. In the midst of so much global uncertainty, we've had to change the way we're doing this year's Christmas sponsorship! Still, we thank you SO MUCH for helping to make this Christmas special at the Micah Project, and for showing the boys and staff that they are not forgotten. Rather, they are LOVED—both by God and by others. 

This year, we're doing our Christmas sponsorship a little different. In the past, supporters have purchased gifts for the young men in our care and sent them to Honduras—a special way to connect more personally with our ministry. However, since sending the gifts to Honduras will be more difficult and many businesses in our area are suffering, sponsorship will consist of a monetary donation, and we'll spend the money here on the ground—supporting the Honduran economy and avoiding travel restrictions due to COVID-19. 

When you sign up, you'll donate toward our Micah Christmas fund on behalf of the boy, young man, or area of the Christmas celebration that you choose to sponsor. The sign-up form and a suggested donation amount for each category can be found HERE. You may also split the amount among other friends or family members, where each person sends in a part of the total. Obviously, these amounts are estimates and the exact amount spent on each item will vary some depending on the price of what we find here in Honduras. The staff is working hard to find the best prices, and we are glad that this will also support the Honduran vendors in the small stores and open market area in this difficult economic year. 


Thank you so much!!