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Micah 2.0

Micah 2.0 Overview

We want you to better understand what Micah 2.0 is all about. It is the logical next phase of a God-ordained ministry that is changing young lives everyday. The new facilities of Micah 2.0 will be the actualization of a dream – the making of a miracle really. The staff and architects and engineers and planners have worked hard to consider the possibilities. They’ve crunched the numbers that you see to the left to assure good stewardship. But, they are still BIG, frightening numbers. This is where the miracle part comes in. They are not too big for God! When you look at the joy in the eyes of the Micah boys and staff, it is clear that this work, The Micah Project, is pleasing to God as He blesses it every day.

We want to share this blessing with you. Is He calling you to help financially to make this dream come true? Whether it be the proceeds of your child’s lemonade stand to buy soccer balls for the recreation field, $100 to pay for permits, $1000 to help furnish a boys room, $10,000 to outfit the new tech school or $100,000 to build a house for our missionaries, God will use it all.
He is making a miracle.

Micah 2.0 will be a simple yet beautiful place, with both indoor and outdoor spaces that are intentionally designed to be a platform on which everyone that enters through its gates will experience God’s love in a fresh and profound way, and will be transformed by that love to such an extent that they are motivated to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God (Micah 6:8).”

170,000 children in Honduras are orphans or have lost one parent.

Two in three children who start primary school in Honduras never finish.

More than one in five children under the age of five in Honduras are stunted as a result of inadequate nutrition and drugs.

Sixty percent of the Honduran population fall below the poverty level.

One in four children living in rural Honduras have no access to clean drinking water.

Eighteen percent of the population of Honduras earn less that $1.25 per day.

Honduras is the world’s murder capital with 85 homicides per 100,000 people, a rate twelve times the global average.


How did this dream begin?  In 2009, as the tenth anniversary of the Micah Project neared, we began an intensive strategic-planning process in order to prepare for the next decade of ministry.  This started at the top, as long-time Micah Project friend Carol Marshall presented a plan in June of 2009 to transform our board of directors from a founders board to a governance board.   With the help of another board member named Jonathan Rogers, who has years of experience in implementing strategic plans, the Micah Project’s board initiated a series of conference calls  in order to form a working document which charted our strategic  goals for the next three years.  As the group of missionaries on the ground in Honduras joined the board of directors in praying, dreaming and discerning the future, our plan began to take shape!

One of the most exciting aspects of our strategic planning process was taking a hard look at our capital assets to ascertain whether they are sufficient for our present and future needs in ministry.  In our continual efforts to provide the best home possible for our boys, we have come to this realization: the current Micah house is no longer an adequate space to protect and nurture our boys in the way they require.  So the dream began…after ministering in our current location since 2000, we began the search for land on which to build Micah 2.0.

On September 14, 2011, the Micah Project purchased seven acres of land in order to begin a new chapter in the life of the Micah Project:  what we are calling Micah 2.0!  For almost two years now, we have been dreaming about what a new Micah Project would look like.  As that dream developed into a vision, and that vision morphed into concrete plans, we have seen God’s hand guide the process every step of the way. Thanks to His provision working through the generosity of many different people, we were able to raise the $170,000 needed for the land purchase by the middle of 2011.

We are so excited about the ways that we will be able to grow and mature our ministry through this new property.  It will give us the space to be more intentional and more creative in the way that we raise these boys and prepare them to be the men that God has created them to be.  It will also allow us to move towards excellence in the other areas of the Micah Project that have been launched more recently:  such as the Micah Tech vocational school!

There’s something about our new property that makes you want to lift your eyes off of your immediate surroundings and look up…to stretch your vision both upward and outward. This is probably due to the journey you have to take in order to get to this beautiful land.  You start by crawling your way through the dense, smoggy, sweaty maze that is Tegucigalpa until you cross the bridge over a sewage-filled river…and then you begin to climb. You downshift your car into first gear as you grind your way up the mountain and out of the bowl that envelops this city. Once at the top, you begin the winding trip down the truck-laden two-lane highway towards eastern Honduras, passing the city dump and the miles of squatter shacks built up around it.  Half an hour or so after leaving the city, you turn off onto a bumpy dirt road that is the entrance to the Villa Linda Miller community…and to Micah 2.0!

As soon as you walk onto the seven acres of Micah 2.0, everything changes. Gone is the urban sprawl, the noisy, frenetic pace of life in this impoverished capital.  The knee-high grass on the property waves you forward, and invites you to explore its wooded secrets. It’s then—as your pace slows to a stroll and you absorb the tranquility of the place—that you look up. You see the vivid green hills in the distance, and the hills beyond the hills.   Your inner eye yearns to keep extending your vision outward…to that next set of hills, and to all of the unknown possibilities beyond them.   Those possibilities…the dream about what is just beyond our sightline…is what Micah 2.0 is all about.

Over the past years, we have been sharing our vision for Micah 2.0…our new facility that will house the majority of our ministries for years to come. We have dreamed about how this breath-taking new property will look once it holds the new Micah House, the technical school, the educational facility and the staff cabins…of how it will be when the Micah boys are studying, worshiping, planting, playing, building and growing on this new land. The possibilities for the Micah Project and our boys are just about endless. We’re just getting a peek beyond the first set of hills and seeing what the future of Micah 2.0 holds for us and for the boys who will call it home.