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Micah 2.0

Micah 2.0 Tour

So many areas in Micah 2.0 have been designed to foster healing, growth and community.   Entering the front door, you will be in our spacious dining room, with adjacent kitchen and food storage.   Pass through, and  enter a large space with cathedral ceilings complete with couches, desks for studying and a bank of computers.   After the living room comes the game room where you see boys (and staff!) playing ping-pong, foosball or pool.  Surrounding that game room are five spacious bedrooms, each with four beds.  Back out through the airy courtyard, you enter an office space filled with hard-at-work, loving staff members. Before you leave, make sure to visit our music room, outdoor terrace, and little store, where the boys can spend their hard-earned allowances.  Finally, there is the Wall of Heroes, where you see a beautiful mosaic of the Micah Logo surrounded by a sea of names of everyone that has supported the construction of Micah 2.0.  Even if you can’t come to visit us that often, we say a prayer of thanksgiving for you every time we see your name on this wall.

Brian Wiggs, the founder of the Tech School put it this way, “The Technical School will be based in ‘body-off discipleship’: just as the students will learn how to tear down a car and build it back up again so that it runs like new, we want to help them tear off the vestiges of their old lives as they build a brand new life in Christ”.

Since everything in Honduras revolves around soccer at some point, our long-serving Honduran missionary, Roger Figueroa, devised a way to use athletics as a ministry.  Roger uses the Micah boys themselves as the missionaries that run this sports outreach.  As we plan soccer leagues and other sporting events it provides a marvelous opportunity for our boys to share their testimonies and disciple kids their same age!

While the boys learn all about God’s green creation in Agricultural class, they put what they know to the test in each of their own vegetable gardens.  Not only does what they grow here at Micah 2.0 taste better, but it’s free too!  In addition to what the boys grow, we grow corn, coffee, and bananas to help feed our ever-hungry boys.  Our gardens contain more that just food products – there are also beautiful flowers, trees and hedges that make this place a beautiful haven as well as a living facility.

The four staff cabins (and one more under construction) that line the east border of our property.  They include: a cabin under construction for John, Becca, Nico, and Emmy Bell, a cabin for Michael Miller, a cabin for Megan Schuemann, Jessica Briant, and Kelsey Cratty, a cabin for Stephen Kusmer and Theodore Muschany, and a cabin for Israel and Jenna Zaldaña, and their on-the-way son.  The view from the front porch includes boys playing soccer, on the swings, or playing with the dogs, and the back porch view is a wide vista of mountains (both are pretty awesome).