Micah Project Christmas Sponsorship 2019

It's that time of year again...

Together, we again have the opportunity to tackle the big project of caring for our community here in Honduras in an intentional way at Christmas. Thank you for being a part of it!  Click on the image to the left for a printable PDF of the sponsorship program guidelines, or keep reading for a text-only version.

The guys who are residents in our ministry’s three houses (Micah House, Timothy House, and Isaiah House) are our first priority. However, we also like to give gifts to Micah graduates and friends of the boys who spend Christmas with us and have no one else who will give them presents. We've found that this small gesture of kindness and inclusion in our community means a great deal to them. 

In Honduran culture, there is an important tradition that you receive a new outfit on the 24th of December. Then, everyone wears their new outfits and visits friends and family.  There is even a noun and verb for it - the outfit is an "estreno" (like a "premiere"), and the verb is "estrenar" -- premiering your new clothes!  Families that have no income worry all year about how they will provide these “estrenos.”

Because of this, we focus mainly on clothes as gifts.  The majority of the Micah boys' wardrobes are made up of donated clothes brought down by mission groups, which is a huge blessing to us, and which they happily wear. But this is the one time we give them each new clothes, so it's special. They really like to look nice, but generally dress very casually (jeans)...typical teen boys. 

If you live outside of St. Louis, Missouri or Atlanta, Georgia, SEND THE GIFTS to or DROP THEM OFF at the following address: 

FPC Houston
C/O Mary Floye Federer
5300 Main Street
Houston, TX 77004

THEY MUST BE THERE BY NOVEMBER 9! If you live in St. Louis or Atlanta, email us at micahchristmas@yahoo.com to find out where you can take them locally.

"I feel happy. When I was on the streets, I never received any gifts like you give to us now.  It means so much to us." - Eddie

Here's how we do it...

1.) If you choose to buy for one of the current Micah/Timothy/Isaiah House guys (the first three sections on the list), we ask you to buy your boy a pair of shoes, jeans, a shirt (can be a t-shirt, polo shirt, long-sleeved - whatever you decide!), a pack of socks, a pack of boxers, and one other clothing item (such as a sweatshirt, shorts, jacket, second shirt, etc).  You can also choose to buy the special item that they listed as something they would love to have (if you buy their special wish item please let us know so that we can take it off the list so that their second sponsor doesn’t also buy it!).  They ALL prefer skinny-cut or slim-cut jeans – it’s definitely the teenage style in Honduras.  Feel free to email us at micahchristmas@yahoo.com with any other questions.  Look for sale or clearance items, to keep spending as low as possible, and feel free to share the sponsorship of a boy with a friend, and each buy half of the items. 

(As I’m sure you’re aware, we will do our best to give the designated items to the boy you specifically shopped for, but we may need to change things around some, to make things as fair and as fun for everyone as possible!  Thanks for understanding!)

2.) If you choose to buy for one of the young men from the friends or grads list, you can buy them shoes (IF there is a size listed), jeans, a shirt, a pack of socks, a pack of boxers, and an optional extra clothing item.

3.) Contact us if there’s a specific staff member to whom you'd like to send a gift. 

Do NOT wrap your gifts (it makes it hard to get through customs), but DO label on the shopping bags who they are for! (For the most part, the boys generally do not know what specific supporter purchased their gifts - they just know that the Micah community provided for them in love!!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your participation in intentionally caring for this group of people in Honduras!! 

Serving together for the glory of Christ, Becca Bell, US Development (on behalf of all of us at Micah)

Check out our online spreadsheet to see who is available for sponsorship. You may check it out below or click here: shorturl.at/eMT18. After deciding who you'd like to sponsor, sign up with the form below or send us an email at micahchristmas@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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