Micah House

All aspects of day-to-day life revolve around the group home. Here we live as a family; adults and boys alike have daily responsibilities that keep the home running.

Our home contains five bedrooms for the boys and one for the nighttime caregiver, five offices for running the different aspects of our ministry, a computer/tv room, a formal living room, a game room, a kitchen, a dining room, a laundry room, a small store where the boys can spend their allowances, a classroom and an upstairs terrace. Also on the property we have five cabins where our missionaries live, two soccer fields, a basketball court and a small vegetable garden. With ample spaces to study, meet and play, our home is also a place for worship and reflection. We begin each morning before classes with a Bible study and prayer time. Often, we meet with the boys in the evenings for a time of reflection, conflict-resolution and sharing.

The Micah Project home has developed a “personality” of its own. The young men take pride in decorating their bedrooms to their tastes and they rearrange them constantly. Our classrooms have filled up with projects and posters, and throughout the house, the walls are filled with art work from our painting class!

In our group home, we have created a safe place both physically and emotionally for the boys to grow and mature. It is here that they are truly learning about the joys and challenges of what it takes to be a dynamic and growing family.

In the Micah House, each day is full of learning, playing, sleeping, eating, and just a little bit of joyful chaos!