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Micah Salon

In the last several years, we have seen a huge increase in street-connected girls and young women. In 2021, Micah missionary Michelle Corley, who owned a salon in the United States, decided to help five young women receive salon training. She found a salon owner here in Tegucigalpa willing to train them three days a week. At the end of their training, our Micah Salon trainees did a three-month internship in different salons in our area. Our first graduates received their diplomas on June 27 of this year! For our next group of trainees, we have rented a space in our neighboring Villa Linda Miller community and are developing our own training salon. The trainees live in rooms that we have rented near the Micah House. In June, we hired our first navigator, a young woman named Sherry Hernandez, to help mentor our new trainees.