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Stand Up for Justice: Lemonade Stands for Micah

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Stand Up for Justice

Did you know there are millions of children without homes all over the world?

That is something that would have certainly broken the heart of the biblical prophet Micah—a man who spoke out against injustice against oppressed people and proclaimed the Lord's power to rescue people in peril. 

In Tegucigalpa, Honduras (one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere), this is an especially serious problem, and there are many kids who spend the majority of their time begging for money on the streets everyday. Sadly, these kids live in dangerous, vulnerable situations. Many don’t have food to eat, clean water or access to education.

That’s why the Micah Project exists. Our goal is to love street-connected youth and help them learn to live out our theme Bible verse, which teaches us to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” If you want to STAND UP for justice and join our mission, there are many ways to help.

One way is by having a lemonade stand with your family at the end of this month. We hope that each lemonade stand will not only raise money for the Micah Project—helping us continue to serve street-connected youth in Tegucigalpa—but also encourage kids to get excited about helping others and raise awareness of the plights of street kids around the world. 

For your lemonade stand, you can download a flyer that explains what street-connected kids go through as well as a bit about how the Micah Project helps fight for their rights and provide them with physical, emotional and spiritual care. 

After having your lemonade stand, you can donate your earnings by sending them to "The Micah Project, Inc., Dept. 357, P.O. Box 4346, Houston, Texas 77210-4346," or through our donation page, here!

We hope you'll join in with fellow Micah supporters during the weekend of July 28-30, by standing up for the just treatment of street-connected youth in Honduras! 

Download the flyer here.