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Child's Rights Series

We're Dedicated to Upholding the Rights of Children

Access this series:

  1. The International Day for "Street Children"
  2. Child's Rights: Series Introduction
  3. Introduction to Human Rights Philosophy & the Rights of Children
  4. Comprehensively Serving the Whole Child (Part One)
  5. Basic Needs as Basic Human Rights
  6. Comprehensively Serving the Whole Child (Part Two)

The Micah Project wishes to give our heartfelt thanks to Lucy Wynn for investing her time in putting this series together. Lucy first got to know the Micah Project when she was a child and some Micah boys visited her church in St. Louis. Through her teen years, she took several trips to the Micah Project and then, after graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism in the year 2016, she moved to Honduras to join the ministry full time. 


Our team that cares for the street-connected youth in Honduras has deeply-held values that drive everything we do, but until now, those values have lived in our hearts and have not been documented in a single place. We are so grateful to Lucy for beginning that process of creating a written record of the values that form our vision for how best to show God’s love to the street-connected youth of Honduras. We will add to this series over time in order to continue to provide a fuller picture of all that drives our ministry here in Honduras.